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Inspire Me Korea Try Soju at SuperStar BBQ

SuperStar BBQ had to pleasure of hosting Diana and Alice from Inspire Me Korea at the restaurant. We invited them to try Soju, one of Korea’s most popular alcohol drink. Diana and Alice try various flavours of Soju available at the restaurant but also give you tips on the drink and cultural information. Whether it’s […]

Christmas Bibimbap Lunch Special!

The bibimbap lunch deal for December is back introducing our new food deal to get you through this festive period. Our £10 meal deal at the restaurant: – Bibimbap + any topping – Miso Soup – 2 Vegetable Dumplings (Mandoo) You will be able to get any Bibimbap on the menu including the seafood or […]

Bibimbap Meal Deal

Starting this week we are launching our Bibimbap Meal Deal offer at the restaurant. The entire deal is £10 for lunch time only any day of the week. The deal will be on in the restaurant from Monday 19th October to Saturday 31st October. The best thing about the deal is not only do you […]