Best Japanese Restaurants in London


5 Raphael St, Knightsbridge, London SW7 1DL, United Kingdom

Zuma is a high end Japanese sushi restaurant and grill that is decked out in a natural and yet modern design on the interior. This Japanese restaurant features fancy Japanese food in a very formal setting. Though the food is expensive many Zuma customers return for more.

Foods that many customers love and recommend from Zuma include their spicy tuna roll which is made with a homemade chili miso sauce and yuzu tobiko and their tori no tabaski which features grilled chicken wings that have been marinated in sake and lime.


37 Charlotte St, London W1T 1RR, United Kingdom


Roka is another expensive Japanese restaurant though it is not as expensive as Zuma the prices still are up there. Roka has a slightly more down to earth setting than Zuma does. In fact, the restaurant setting is quite rustic and contemporary and even features an open grill.

Roka has a wide variety of delicious menu items including their gyu no tataki to truffle which is a seared beef with black truffle dressing; wagyugunkanwagyu sushi which whets fancier appetites withoscietra caviar, spring onion and fresh ginger and gindara to kani no gyoza which is a perfect blend of black cod, crab and crayfish dumplings.

Asakusa Restaurant

265 Eversholt Street, London NW1 1BA, United Kingdom

Asakusa Restaurant

Asakusa Restaurant is the bee’s knees. This restaurant is perfect for lovers of Japanese food who are on a budget. The food is very inexpensive and yet very delicious. Asakusa is one of the top five highest rated Japanese restaurants in London.

Foods from the menu include karaage which an Asian version of fried chicken either boneless or with the bone in; sashimi; crunchy tofu; chicken skewers; tempura and of course sushi.


Jin Kichi

73 Heath St, London NW3 6UG, United Kingdom

Jin Kichi

Jin Kichi is a Japanese takeaway restaurant for people on the go. There is a dine-in option available upon reservation but you must reserve your table ahead of time. The food is not very expensive and features traditional Japanese dishes such as the skewers, shochu cocktails and a variety of sake.

Though this restaurant offers many of the same kinds of foods as the other Japanese restaurants in the local, Jin Kichi is known for putting their twist on traditional dishes. This family owned restaurant is renowned in London for their black cod which is hands-down the customer favorite pick.


8 Station Parade Uxbridge Rd, London W5 3LD, United Kingdom


Kiraku is a very interesting and you guessed it— traditional authentic Japanese restaurant that has a set menu of both lunches and evening meals which is one of the main things that sets this restaurant apart. Kiraku has both dine-in and takeaway options for you to choose from.

Menu items of this powerhouse Japanese shop include their fat-rolls, cold rice bowl dishes and sashimi.

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