Top American BBQ Restaurants in London

It’s always the perfect season for some good BBQ. American-style barbeque is known for serving pork ribs or shoulders in a tomato based sauce. Southern style barbeque features a mesquite style of barbeque sauce with moderate amounts of tangy vinegar and sugar making the dishes both sweet and spicy while the common style of American barbeque features smoked pork drenched in thick and savory sauce.

No matter what kind you like, we’ll help you find amazing BBQ spots all across London.

The Rib Man

Location: 91-96, Brick Ln, London E1 6HR, United Kingdom

The Rib Man is the preferred American barbeque location in London. This particular place is actually a food stall that is solely open on Sundays and serves wraps, rolls and ribs dressed in homemade sauces.

What to eat while you’re at the Rib Man:

  • Rib meat rolls
  • Racks of Ribs

These dishes are topped with an array of “Holy Fuck” sauces that you can choose from including: Holy Fuck Beef Jerky, Christ On A Bike Beef Jerky, Holy Fuck Nuts, Christ On A Bike Nuts, Holy Fuck Butter, Holy Fuck Chicken Kiev, Christ On A Bike Meatballs, Christ On A Bike Ice Cream, Holy Fuck Scotch Eggs, Holy Fuck Rib Meat Pizza and a Holy Fuck Bloody Mary.


Location: 63-69 Canonbury Rd, London N1 2DG, United Kingdom

Okay— Smokehouse isn’t completely traditional American BBQ but if you love sampling flavors from around the world or having a classic with a twist this is your go-to.

When you’re there try the:

  • Smoked pork belly
  • Caramel roast potatoes
  • Shortrib bourguignon

Big Easy BBQ and Crabshack

Location: 12 Maiden Ln, London WC2E 7NA, United Kingdom

Bid Easy offers large portions perfect for sharing with your mates. There is something for everyone from ribs to shrimp and lobster.


  • The big pig gig.
  • Lobster fest.
  • Hog roast.

Bodean’s BBq Smoke house

Location: 16 Byward St, London EC3R 5BA, United Kingdom

Bodean’s definitely is a powerhouse when it comes to BBQ in London. The restaurant features American football and baseball on television while serving out there signature cuisine. One of the main reasons why patrons love this American chain restaurant is because of their large portions and epically tasty dishes. This BBQ restaurant offers a wide variety of appetizers, hot deli sandwiches, burgers, steak, sides and of course— BBQ.

A few hot menu items include:

  • Burnt ends: includes slow smoked chunks of beef brisket offered wet or dry with barbeque sauce with a side of fries and coleslaw.
  • Boss hog platter: spare and baby back ribs, a Jacob’s ladder beef rib, burnt ends, pulled pork and chicken thighs.


Location: 291 West End Ln, London NW6 1RD, United Kingdom

One- Sixty specializes in slow cooked barbeque dishes. This restaurant is more on the traditional side of good old-fashioned BBQ. Their menu includes hot wings, chili, mac and cheese, crab burgers and you guessed it— BBQ!

What to try:

  • Pulled pork from the smoker with slaw on a roll
  • Dry aged burger
  • Smoked Lamb

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