Grilling you meat

  1. Switch on the grill (wait 2-3mins for it to heat up).
  2. Cook the non-marinated meat first.
  3. Turn the meat once, halfway through cooking.
  4. When meat is cooked, move it to the side of the grill so it doesn’t overcook. Or better yet, eat it.

*Non-marinated meat: Ox tongue, Belly pork, Rib eye, Wine Belly Pork

Marinated meat: Specially Marinated Lamb, Sesame & Garlic Sirloin, Boolgogi, Rib Galbi, Chicken Boolgogi, Chilli Chicken, Spicy Pork


Wraps (Ssam)

What is Ssam? ‘Ssam’ means ‘wrap’ in Korean, and it is the most popular way to eat Korean bbq.


Sp_bbq_01  Sp_bbq_02  Sp_bbq_03
1. Place a lettuce in your hand.  2. Spread a little miso paste on the lettuce. 3. Place a piece of meat after dipping in your favourite sauce.
Sp_bbq_04 Sp_bbq_05


4. Add spring onions on the top. 5. Wrap the whole thing into a little ball.

6. Put the wrap (ssam) in your mouth. Finish it in one bite.