The Perfect Restaurants for Seafood Lovers in London

J Sheeky Oyster Bar

28-32 St Martin’s Ct, London WC2N 4AL, United Kingdom

This restaurant touts an open kitchen and “U” shaped bar. As a seafood restaurant the price range is not astronomical though it isn’t exactly cheap. This oyster bar is an upscale restaurant that is in a very richly designed location and despite its name this bar is also known for its amazing wine selection.

A few of the menu items include prawns, octopus, Korean fried cabbage (K.F.C.), tempura squid and an array of oyster dishes.



20 Mount Street, Mayfair, London W1K 2HE, United Kingdom

Scott’s is an expensive seafood bar that is in a very formal setting. This is definitely not a place where you want to take friends on a Saturday but definitely has its purposes for special events or business meeting with clients and or prospects.

This seafood haven has a host of delicious meals that are expensive but well worth it. Smoked fish, caviar, lobster, chicken and wild game are all a part of the menu. The restaurant even has vegetarian options for those who do not eat meat for whatever reason.


Wright Brothers Oyster and Porter House

11 Stoney St, Greater London SE1 9AD, United Kingdom

This restaurant is the perfect place to go for a casual lunch or dinner. This restaurant has a very bar type of feel to it and offers up amazing dishes in a casual setting. While the meals are not cheap they are very affordable.

A few amazing dishes from this restaurant are their crab, potted shrimp, chocolate truffles and devilled whitebait.


Marisko Seafood Restaurant

392 Camden Rd, London N7 0SJ, United Kingdom

Marisko is one of the best eateries for seafood lovers in London. This place offers both quality and quantity. The moderately priced dishes are both delicious and inexpensive.

The most ordered dish from Marisko is the lobster with chips and salad at only around 25 pounds for two people this restaurant is definitely a bargain that any self-respecting seafood lover must visit.


Randall and Aubin

14- 16 Brewer St, London W1F 0SG, United Kingdom

Randall and Aubin is a decadent eatery with foods that are both expensive and inexpensive— one thing they all have in common is that they are unbelievably delicious.

A few dishes that Randall and Aubin offer include their Spaghettini Marinara with pink prawns,crab, mussels, cockles, clams & squid; TunaNicoise with grilled line-caught tuna, green beans, tomatoes, potatoes, olives, eggs, cucumber & dressing; Bouillabaisse with mixed West Country fish, spiced croutons &aioli and Char grilled Cornish squid with chili sauce, lemon dressed rocket & pommes frites.

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