SuperStar BBQ is no ordinary Korean BBQ restaurant. We’ve taken a Korean favourite (karaoke) and brought it to London. Our modern wooden clad karaoke room sits beneath the restaurant, perfect for celebrating birthdays, a night out or just singing some of the best tunes in the charts.

SuperStar Korean BBQ karaoke room in London

Karaoke in London

Whether you are celebrating your birthday or organising a work outing in London, we will be happy to accommodate the event that you are organising.

Book the Karaoke Room

Fill in the form to book the karaoke room at SuperStar BBQ. Leave your contact details with us and we will email you back shortly after.

Give us an idea of the number of people that you intend to have in the karaoke room.

We can put together a flexible offer for your group and if you want to eat dinner then use the karaoke room after. This will ensure that we provide the best service to you during your visit.

English, Korean, Chinese or Vietnamese Karaoke

We cater for a wide range of songs in our karaoke database. When you enter our karaoke bar will will have English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese or Philippino songs to choose from. Our easy to use control panel lets anyone be the DJ for the night. Our staff will keep the drinks following with a drinks menu for you to order from.

For more information email or complete the booking form.

Karaoke room at SuperStar BBQ in London