SuperStar BBQ is a Korean BBQ in Central St Giles near Centre Point just off Tottenham Court Road. Our team of creative chefs have put together a fresh and tasty Korean menu specifically for the grill. We’ve selected a simple and easy to follow side menu to accompany your grill dishes so that you will never finish feeling like you could have always done with more food.

Korean Cuisine Made Easy

At SuperStar BBQ, we wanted to make Korean dining easy and to follow and not daunting. We all know the feeling the first time your look at a menu from a different cuisine, not knowing what any of the dishes mean or even what the ingredients are. Enter SuperStar BBQ and our simple menu.

  • First, all the items are written in English. No Korean characters to throw you off.
  • All our staff are trained to be able to explain how to order and what dishes you may like.
  • You can control how much and how you want it cooked.

Korean Ingredients & Flavours

We’ve based our entire menu off traditional Korean ingredients and flavours. The best Korean food is simple and delicately prepared for the grill. We pride ourselves in bringing modern city life in Seoul to London. Blended with traditional flavours from Korea’s rich past and mixing in new a new Western lifestyle that has been adopted by so much of Seoul. SuperStar BBQ is a taster of the lifestyle in Seoul.