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Korean BBQ in London

Our fresh new Korean BBQ is located in St Giles near Tottenham Court Road. Not only do we host an impressive Korean BBQ menu but we have a basement bar for you to spend an evening in. Have a look at our lunch menu which includes an impressive range of dishes that you can eat during a short lunch break. Bento boxes for vegetarians or meat lovers. Fancy a BBQ lunch for client or with the family? Our specialised lunch menu where you can choose beef rib galbi, sesame & garlic sirloin, belly pork and more.

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Korean Chicken and Beer With Inspire Me Korea

Join Diana and Alice from Inspire Me Korea as they try our Korean fried chicken and beer. It’s a combination that has been going around Korea for years called chimaek. Chi refers to the fried chicken and maekju refers to the beer. Diana and Alice investigate the hype and some useful information behind the trend […]

Inspire Me Korea Try Soju at SuperStar BBQ

SuperStar BBQ had to pleasure of hosting Diana and Alice from Inspire Me Korea at the restaurant. We invited them to try Soju, one of Korea’s most popular alcohol drink. Diana and Alice try various flavours of Soju available at the restaurant but also give you tips on the drink and cultural information. Whether it’s […]

Christmas Bibimbap Lunch Special!

The bibimbap lunch deal for December is back introducing our new food deal to get you through this festive period. Our £10 meal deal at the restaurant: – Bibimbap + any topping – Miso Soup – 2 Vegetable Dumplings (Mandoo) You will be able to get any Bibimbap on the menu including the seafood or […]

Top Western Style Restaurants in London

Hawksmoor Guildhall 10 Basinghall St, London EC2V 5BQ, United Kingdom This classic British restaurant and steak house offers a fancy selection of British delicacies that are both traditional and authentic. This English restaurant is expensive to say the least. The cooks use only fresh prime cuts of meat which explains not just the price but […]

Italian Food

London Italian Restaurants

London is full of classy and affordable Italian restaurants, it’s one of the few cities that you will be absolutely spoilt for choice when looking for an Italian restaurant. Recently has seen the rise of upmarket Italian food, with first class chefs introducing a modern spin on a London classic. Zucca 184 Bermondsey Street, London […]