Korean bbq.

grilled veg and meat.

Korean BBQ in London.

Our Korean BBQ is located in St Giles near Tottenham Court Road. Not only do we host an impressive Korean BBQ menu but we have a basement karaoke room for you to spend an evening in.

Have a look at our lunch menu which includes an impressive range of dishes that you can eat during a short lunch break. Lunch plates for vegetarians or meat lovers. Fancy a BBQ lunch for client or with the family? Our specialised lunch menu where you can choose beef rib galbi, sesame & garlic sirloin, belly pork and more.

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Korean Raw Fillet Beef Hot Stone Bibimbap
Opening Hours
  • Mon – Fri (Lunch)

    12pm – 3pm

  • Mon – Fri (Dinner)

    5pm – 11pm

  • Sat

    12pm – 11pm

  • Sun

    12pm – 10:30pm